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Luxyclad Premium Aluminum Siding      

Where beauty, safety and dependability meet

Enjoy the authenticity of real wood without the maintenance. Luxy-engineered from extruded aluminum for a precise-friendly installation.

LUXYCLAD looks beautiful, installs simply, and requires no maintenance. The ultimate way to transform a surface, bringing together durability, sustainability, protection and minimalist aesthetic to your build. LUXYCLAD takes curb appeal to a whole new level. And that's just the beginning.


Luxyclad Premium Aluminum Siding       Luxyclad Premium Aluminum Woodgrain Siding       Luxyclad Premium Aluminum Siding Colours             Luxyclad Premium Aluminum Siding      

Luxyclad Product Details

Our Unique Features

Key Features

  • Low maintenance
  • Integrated rain-screen
  • No VOCs
  • High recycled aluminum content
  • Interior and exterior applications
  • Compatible with industry standard lighting, HVAC, speaker, fire safety and security services
  • Long, clean lines

Profile Sizes

  • V-Groove siding profile widths: 4" and 6"
  • V-Groove siding profile length: 24'
  • Trim profile lengths: 12"

Physical Data

  • Substrate: Extruded aluminum
  • Warranty:
    Woodgrains - 15 years
    Solid colours - 20 year
  • Recycled content: Up to 70%
  • Fire Rating: Class A Fire Rated as per ASTM E84; Flame spread < 25, smoke <50
  • Wind load: Per code (for exterior applications): tested in accordance to ASTM E330-14 (2014)
  • Air Leakage Resistance: tested in accordance ASTM E283-04 (2012)
  • Water Penetration: tested in accordance ASTM E331-14 (2014)

Profiles and Details

V-Groove Siding:

Width: 4" and 6"
Length: 24'
Detail (4") | PDF
Detail (6") | PDF


Width: 5/8"
Length: 12'
Detail | PDF

Finishing Strip:

Two piece: (base + cap)
Width: 1.7"
Length: 12'
Detail (base) | PDF
Detail (cap) | PDF

Flat Trim:

Two piece: (base + cap)
Width: 1.7"
Length 12'
Detail (base) | PDF
Detail (cap) | PDF

Inside corner:

Two piece: (base + cap)
Width: 1"
Length: 12'
Detail (base) | PDF
Detail (cap) | PDF

Outside Corner:

Two Piece: (base+cap)
Width: 2"
Length: 12'
Detail (base) | PDF
Detail (cap) | PDF

Ventilated V-Groove Soffit:

Width: 4"
Length: 12'
Detail: | PDF

Rain-screen Clip:

Length: 1"
Detail: | PDF

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